EFF23 – Education transformation and PISA

Education Fast Forward took place at the Education World Forum on Monday 20th January at 9am GMT to debate education transformation and PISA.

Consistent focus over time and applying well-thought out judgement to respond to changing circumstances can be key factors in achieving change and transformation. PISA began twenty years ago. Its latest results were published in December 2019. What do the most recent results tell us? To what extent has PISA contributed to change? How has PISA changed in those two decades? How should it change in coming decades?

Chaired by Gavin Dykes and Dr Kristen Weatherby, who were joined by Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at the OECD, Dr. Liesbet Steer, Director of the Education Commission and  participants from around the world. The debate took place in front of a global audience of Ministers and Ministries of Education.

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