EFF17: Innovation and Quality: Two sides of the same coin?

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EFF17 took place on Monday 7th March at 6pm GMT live from Mobile Learning Week in Paris.  We partnered with UNESCO to discuss the extent to which mobile technology can strengthen the quality of education and facilitate learning.

The pros and cons of mobile learning were discussed with an aim to better understand the educational promises, limitations and risks of new ICT tools and pedagogies. Expert panelists examined some of the ways technology is fostering innovation throughout the education sector: at the level of systems, schools, classrooms and individuals. The panel, chaired by Gavin Dykes, also debated how innovations in mobile technology can best transform pedagogy.

Professor Mike Sharples, Professor of Educational Technology at The Open University, opened the debate. Our first speaker was Maria Soledad Ramirez Montoya who is a professor and researcher at the School of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Tecnológico de Monterrey and our second speaker was Thomas M Philip who is an associate professor at UCLA, Los Angeles. Drawing conclusions from the debate was Lord Knight.