Michelle Lissoos

Michelle LissoosMichelle Lissoos

Location: Kenya
Areas of educational interest: Teacher development/effective facilitation models, monitoring and evaluating ICT initiatives in education, the role of government/ministries, combining various solutions, investigating the question “What is really working?”, content creation vs content consumption, mobility in education and technology in AIDS education.
Why I’m involved in EFF: I think a properly managed and facilitated global forum to discuss and debate major issues facing education and the place of technology in addressing those issues is required. There are so many disjoint initiatives and expos – it will be great if this forum can bring the thinking together to lead and guide the public and private sector.
I have joined to “give and gain insight” and I hope all members feel the same. I feel that, by sharing at this level, we can fast track certain learnings and processes.
Of course it is a good networking opportunity, but it must not become a private sector showcase. It needs to have strategic credibility and it is for that reason that I am very excited to be a member.

About Me:
Michelle Lissoos has spent the last 12 years specializing in the integration of ICT into teaching and learning across emerging markets, first as Managing Director of learnthings Africa and now as Managing Director of Think Ahead Solutions.

As Managing Director of learnthings, Michelle was closely involved in the integration of digital curriculum into schools, teacher training, consultation on ICT policy and deployment within the education sector.

Through Michelle’s experience, she realized there was a huge need for more focused creative, project-based learning. Think Ahead focuses on integrating Mac solutions into education, in a way that is accessible and sustainable while, at the same time, ignites enthusiasm for learning and supports curriculum objectives.

iSchoolAfrica is one of Think Ahead’s key offerings. iSchoolAfrica aims to bring the best available education technology and practices to schools and communities in emerging markets. Michelle feels strongly that educational interventions should not cater to the lowest common denominator, and corporate social initiatives should not invest in mediocrity; if so, emerging markets will never catch up.
iSchoolAfrica brings a mobile lab of MacBooks into educational centers, increasing access to the world’s best technology without the need for complex infrastructure. The MacBook comes pre-loaded with the award-winning iLife suite of applications, an essential toolkit for the creation of multimedia projects, allowing learners to make movies, music, websites and more.

A key focus of the program is capacity building. The iSchoolAfrica facilitator works with teachers in the classroom, ensuring ongoing professional development, as well as with community center project managers.

Think Ahead’s aim is to find innovative and creative learning solutions that can address the challenge of resources and skills.

Michelle’s partners and clients have included Heinemann, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, British Computer Society, Nepad, Apple, Ministries of Education, foundations and, of course, teachers and learners.

Her areas of educational interest include:

  • teacher development/effective facilitation models
  • monitoring and evaluating ICT initiatives in education
  • the role of government/ministries
  • combining various solutions
  • investigating the question, “What is really working?”
  • content creation vs content consumption – and their place in the mix
  • mobility in education
  • technology in AIDS education.