Dr. Michelle Selinger

Michelle Selinger200Dr. Michelle Selinger

Location: UK
Areas of educational interest: Innovation in technology-enabled education.
Why I’m involved in EFF: Although there are subtle differences in education due to economic, social and cultural influences around the world, there are so many areas in common that is important to understand and learn from different regions in order to better understand our own local situation. Additionally, by having such an eminent group speak with one voice and with consensus, we can have a real chance in influencing the direction of education policy in order to help learners develop the skills, knowledge and disposition to become whatever it is they desire to be, to improve social cohesion and to make the world a better place in which to live, learn, work and play.

About Me:
Dr. Michelle Selinger is CEO of ConsultEdu, an independent think tank and consultancy offering bespoke solutions and strategic advice specialising in the effective use of educational technology and in the design of innovative online and face-to-face learning and teaching environments at all levels of education.

Michelle has a background as a teacher, a teacher educator and an education researcher, and worked as Education Director in Cisco’s Consulting Services until December 2013.

Michelle has given her a detailed understanding of what makes for innovative and constructive learning environments. She has advised governments and institutions on successful educational change programs; developed strategies that help to transform the ways in which technology can have a real impact on learning and teaching; facilitated strategic development workshops and program management; and implemented innovative solutions in a range of educational contexts.

Education Fast Forward’s strength lies in the ability to bring together experts from around the world with a wide range of experience and expertise to debate thorny issues in education with no agenda except that of the urgent need to improve educational outcomes fit for the demands of a global society