Ollie Bray

Ollie Bray is currently Global Director: Connecting Play and Education at the LEGO Foundation where he leads on the Foundations work related to education improvement through the use of technology and play.

Prior to joining the LEGO Foundation in November 2018 he was headteacher of Kingussie High School, Scotland. As headteacher he led and built the team that transformed Kingussie High from an underperforming school (2012) into an innovative 21st Century Learning Environment. This included full curriculum redesign, the development of a digital culture (including 1:1 computing), an unashamed focus on partnership and the creation of a research engaged school community. In 2018 Kingussie High School significantly outperformed its comparator school, the Highland average and National average in all measures.

He has over 20 years experience in all aspects of education. As well as his philanthropic, school and systems leadership work he has also been an award winning teacher, senior policy advisor to government (digital learning strategy), Scotland’s national advisor for emerging technologies in learning and a non-executive director at Inverness College: University of the Highlands & Islands.

Outside of work he enjoys riding his bike (very long distances) and wandering in the mountains with his partner Louise.