Nick Jones

Nick Jones has been at the heart of innovative educational initiatives throughout his career as a teacher and headteacher. He now provides consultancy services for a number of organisations and, until recently, was the Senior Education Advisor for a national project, initiated by a former Minister of Education, to promote specialist education in the areas of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Nick was the Principal of two Academies (High Schools), one of which was the first school in the country to be sponsored by an overseas organisation. Kunskapsskolan, a Swedish based education company, pioneered Free Schools in their home country and now run a chain of over thirty schools. As well as branching out in the UK they are also involved in schools in India, The Netherlands and the USA.

As an adjunct to his professional role Nick is Chair of a Multi-Academy Trust and sits on the board of ‘We The Curious’, a ground-breaking science and discovery centre. He is a graduate of Loughborough University, Birmingham Polytechnic and The University of Warwick. When not in schools Nick is a ‘hands-on’ craftsman and engineer who enjoys solving technical problems and making ‘one-off’ pieces of furniture.