EFF22 – Can Gifted and Talented focus improve Education for All?

Gifted and talented people are often poorly supported in education.  They have their own special needs, as do others.  Some have  need of more taxing challenges in learning, and others of opportunities for greater exploration.  Some say that the most disruptive students are often the most gifted.  How could greater understanding of personalised learning around gifted and talented help us understand how to support all students better?  How might addressing gifted and talented learning lead to less disruption and more widely spread classroom support?  How should we define the gifts and talents that should be nurtured?

EFF22 took place on the 24th September live from the Asian Summit on Education and Skills, these and  other questions were addressed. The debate was chaired by Gavin Dykes who was joined by Dr. Vinnie Jauhari of Microsoft. They were joined by a live audience and participants across the world using the power of Microsoft Teams. A recording of the debate can be viewed here: https://microsoftevent.eventbuilder.com/event/8812/recording