EFF9: To school or not to school?

January 20, 2014

Many of the schools around the world were built for a different time. Schools are being constantly pushed to improve and evolve but can they? The skills we require from students are changing and the student’s needs and expectations are changing. If we are to support these changes to what extent can we rely on traditional approaches to learning; to what extent do we require an entirely new approaches to learning? Does the drive for change and the pressure of economic forces mean that the notion school is outdated, or can schooling be changed to better support the needs of today’s learners and the economies within which they work?

Opening the debate Senator David Coltart and speakers was Vicky Colbert, Founder of Colombia’s Escuela Nueva and Ramji Raghavan Founder of India’s Agastya International Foundation. The debate was also joined by guests Alexander Uvarov from Russia, as well Kristen Weatherby who spoke at EFF8, watch the debate recording and learn about their work and their views on the significant challenge for learning today. You can see a full list of guests here, and learn about delegates who were in the audience from the Education World Forum as well as previous EFF guests such as Lord Knight and EFF Fellows including Tim Unwin and Tarek Shawki.

Watch the recording from the debate below, you can also watch a recording of the debate that proceeded EFF9, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: A Global Partnership on YouTube.