EFF6: Driving Education Forward

January 28, 2013

EFF6 was entitled Driving Education Forward. The debate was held on January 28, 2013, if you missed the debate, fear not, you can watch a recording of the event below. You are also able to download the agenda and read about the presenters and guests using the links below.

In his book Visible Learning for Teachers: Maximizing Impact on Learning, John Hattie undertook a meta-analysis of research data on 240 million students. The research showed that by far the most significant impact on student learning was learners’ individual expectations. So, what are student expectations? How can we encourage all students to improve and advance their expectations and to help them become the leaders of the future? Allowing learner voice to be articulated, listened to and acted on can be a step in the right direction. To make this easier, and to provide authentic insight from learners around the world, EFF6 brought together an extraordinary group of emerging student leaders from countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Sierra Leone, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.

EFF6 enabled educators worldwide to take part in and contribute to a globally, live-streamed debate on the issues of expectation, quantity, quality and impact with these students, through groundbreaking video conferencing and interactive technology.

Promethean’s Chief Education Officer, Jim Wynn, opened the EFF6 debate, which was once again moderated by independent education consultant Gavin Dykes. Discussion was led by Sara Hassan of TakingITGlobal and three specially selected student presenters. Closing the debate was Michelle Selinger, Director of Education at Cisco. download the agenda for a full overview of proceedings.