EFF5: From Learner Voice to Global Peace

July 10, 2012

EFF5 was entitled From Learner Voice to Global Peace. Held on July 10, 2012, you can watch highlights from the event below. You can also download the agenda and read about the presenters and guests by exploring the links on this page.

In recent years, there have been a nuber of developments in Learner Voice, increasing the degree of engagement of students in direction and organization of their education and developing ownership and responsibility for their own education. In some cases, those initial steps have been taken further. Through organizations such as TakingITGlobal, students have identified critical challenges facing their communities, countries and globally, and worked together to take action to address them.

Jeremy Gilley leads Peace One Day, a global collaboration addressing the challenges of conflict facing the world. Through focusing on making one day of peace in the year, Peace One Day is establishing a foothold in building a more peaceful world.

EFF5 examined the challenges and potential of Learner Voice. It reflected on the development of Peace One Day and investigated the potential for development of student action to make a major positive impact on conflict reduction and resolution. Presentations and debate were led by Jeremy Gilley of Peace One Day and Michael Furdyk of TakingITGlobal, as well as three specially selected student presenters. Further invited student debaters and guests contributed to the debate from across the world. The event was moderated by education and technology advisor, Gavin Dykes. Explore the EFF pages, read the presenters’ blog posts and be moved to action too!

EFF5: Debate Highlights