Norway Teacher Group

From Bergen, Norway, teachers from Rothaugen lower secondary will participate on video link.

In 2014, Rothaugen won the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education’s innovation award for outstanding cross-curricular learning, using technology. The students have worked with engineering (3D print) and used drones in math. Rothaugen is also one of the Norwegian coding pioneer schools.

Anne Marit, Linn and Terje have been responsible for a three-year pilot, focussing on how technology can be used to create learning environments strengthening the students’ motivation and boosting curiosity. After an almost finished project cycle, they have gained experience in how technology can be an innovation catalyst to learning, but also experienced when and how it didn’t work as well as planned for.

Terje Pedersen says the students are much safer when using technology than the teachers: “It is all about letting go of control, but still be able to track progress. If we were to let our students stop at the border of our mastery, they wouldn’t come far. For us, success has been to plan, predict and adjust learning activities and trust the students genuine will to learn.”