EFF12: Turning school performance to economic success

EFF12: Turning school performance to economic success

09:15 – 10:50 GMT Monday 19th January 2015, at the Education World Forum

Much has been written about the role education plays in the success of economies and the relationship between school performance in today’s economic climate could not be more important.  The relationship between learning today and the needs of society are intertwined in a complex world where global economies are only one dimension.  Conflict and economic stability and education may well be forming new equations for individual students as well as national systems.

EFF12 at the Education World Forum considered “Turning School Performance to Economic Success”. The OECD’s  Andreas Schleicher kicked off the debate in London and Stefan Dercon, DFID’s Chief Economist represented arguments from a global economics point of view.

Jim Wynn and Gavin Dykes co-chaired the debate. Two UK teachers: Dawn Hallybone and Drew Buddie monitored the twitter stream.

The panel in London was joined by a live audience including Ministers and Ministries of Education from a range of countries and live participants by video conference from Asia, Africa, Middle East and South America, all including countries with a keen interest in fostering economic success.