Baldev Singh

Baldev_SinghDr Baldev Singh

Dr Baldev Singh currently heads the Strategic Education Developments at Imagine Education. Baldev was involved in the design and delivery of an ICT teacher training program in 6 countries in the Middle East region. He has been a lead consultant to provide support for a range education projects in over 40 countries.

Baldev has been an invited keynote speaker at many international conferences to talk about the role of technology in developing 21st century teacher competencies and implications for teaching and learning.

Baldev has worked as consultant for many commercial organisations such as British Airways and Channel 4 TV UK. Baldev was the principal consultant to the Ministry of Education in Brunei Darussalam to support ICT strategic development in schools. This successful project provides a blueprint to develop a culture of innovation and drive school improvement across the system. He is currently supporting the MOE on a range of capacity building program with a focus to raise/improve student achievement.