Amy Donovan

Amy Donovan

Amy DonovanAmy is a  student at SMART which includes Community School, a state Secondary School and Landulph Primary School. is known for its innovative practice around student leadership and new technology.  Of the 1400 students at the school, over 200 are engaged in genuine leadership roles. Amy is one of these leaders.

When Amy was 11 years old she was involved in leading a laptop project in which every student had their own device and the management of the project was by teams of students ‘Tech teams’ in each class.

When Amy was 12 years old she was involved as an ‘Offpert’: students who assist teachers in making resources for them and training them in the adoption of new technology.

When Amy was 13 years old she was among the students who presented to ministers at Microsoft’s Global Education Forum.  They were the first student led delegation to have been given this honour and were highlighted by delegates as one of the highlights of the event.

When Amy was 14 years old she presented nationally as one of 8 national representatives who formed a government funded advisory panel on the use of technology in Schools together with another student from the school.

Like most of the student leaders at the school Amy has strong views about the future of education in the region and globally.