So far people from 28 countries and 45 towns and cities have participated in the Education Fast Forward debates. Our debaters cover time zones from GMT-8 to GMT+11. On EFF10 we saw the sun rise in Seattle at the start of the debate whilst in Tokyo debaters left the meeting at 11pm. We are constantly seeking to bring people from all over the world to debate key education issues. From students to teachers, from campaigners to policy makers. For each debate we hold we list our participants so take a look through our history and see who has been involved so far. If you would like us to consider inviting you or your organisation then use the Contact Us form to get in touch. Don’t forget you can use Twitter to suggest debate topics (#efftopics) and speakers (#effspeakers). Topics should address matters that you believe will move education faster forward or are barriers that need to be removed. Topics are not about products and services or about an individual project. They must be about generic global issues.

Make sure you take a look at the next debate page to see who will be participating.