Education Fast Forward Welcomes New Fellow Lars Persen

-Lars Persen Celebrates Appointment at #EFF13 Debate –

(Blackburn – 7th May 2015) – Education Fast Forward (EFF), the unique education movement which brings together leading global experts and change agents from the world of education to debate the topics that matter most, has announced that it will be welcoming a new fellow at the next debate. Lars Persen, a pedagogical leader at Scandec Systemer, will be officially appointed at #EFF13 on 7th May 2015, where the live debate will be hosted in Norway at the National Conference on the use of ICT in Education and Learning.

Lars PersenPassionate about education, Lars has earned his place as an EFF fellow through commitment to improving education and pedagogy throughout Norway and his active participation in, and support of, EFF debates for the last five years.

Commenting on his appointment as an EFF fellow, Lars said: “Even if our gene pools are set from cultural experiences that are different from each other, education is globalized. Good practice somewhere is good practice everywhere. We need platforms where we can share, debate and develop what quality education is, or at least should be.

“Education Fast Forward is the only platform I know of that has the power to reimagine the whole idea of what learning is, and challenge status quo in education. By gathering educational thinkers from all parts of the world, EFF also brings equity and equality in education to the debate. To me equal opportunity is the most significant global goal; to bring people out of poverty, to enhance health conditions and to prevent young people being radicalized or criminalized away from a society in which they would have a better possibility of succeeding, if given the chance they deserve.”

With a career steeped in education, Lars served four years as an officer in the Norwegian armed forces, before working as a teacher and school leader for 16 years. In his role as pedagogical leader at Scandec Systemer, Lars delivers seminars for school leaders and owners about leading in technology-rich learning environments and providing tailored professional development with a technological and pedagogical approach for kindergartens, focusing on innovation and collaboration.

Lars has also participated in European projects focusing on education for sustainable development and school leadership and served on the NMC Horizon Technology Outlook for Scandinavia 2015 advisory board.

With the last debate reaching over 2 million people on Twitter and the organisation now benefiting from the support and expertise of 31 EFF fellows worldwide, Jim Wynn, CEO of EFF, concludes: “The success and impact of EFF on education worldwide is dependent on us being able to engage with some of the major leaders and influencers in the education sector. As our first Norwegian fellow, and someone who shares our own passion for change in education, we are extremely pleased to welcome Lars to our network.”

Hosted lived from the National Conference on the use of ICT in Education and Learning in Norway on 7th May, #EFF13 will debate rethinking how we learn. The debate welcomes guest presenter Howard Rheingold who is a writer, critic and teacher and will include contributions from Australia, France, South Korea, United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.  Follow the debate live @effdebate / #EFF13. Follow the conference #NKUL


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