Gavin Dykes

Gavin DykesGavin Dykes

Location: UK
Areas of educational interest: I am particularly interested in innovation in education and the use of technology to support learners. In addition, I have a wide experience of policy making and strategies for education and has a long-term interest in how these play out in different cultures and countries across the world.
Why I’m involved in EFF: What can be better than engaging with people who share a broad philosophy, who will debate vigorously the challenges for education and who will encourage each other to take action in building solutions?

About Me:
Gavin Dykes is co-Founder and Director of EFF. Gavin is a Civil Engineer who went into further and higher education before being invited to work with government in the development of innovation and the use of technology to support teaching, learning and education. He is now an independent education and technology advisor who works with governments, agencies, major corporations and institutions across the world on education policy and strategy.

Gavin’s current roles include that of Director for the Education World Forum, an annual meeting of Education Ministers (UK), Programme Director for the Asian Summit on Education and Skills (India) and Advisor to Lumiar Schools (Brazil).  Gavin is also on the Advisory Boards of University of the People (US) and BoClips (UK).

Gavin key interests include development of learner voice and building learning around student aspirations, and building practice, strategies and policies that encourages progress in these areas. Critically for Education Fast Forward, he believes that collaboration among all education’s interested stakeholders can help tune and improve teaching and learning, and provide greater opportunities for success for its students.

“ We should put more effort into “Amplifying quiet voices”, whether we are talking about teachers and students in debates on policy, or students in classrooms, or indeed policy makers in some discussions. When we hear and engage with the quiet as well as the louder voices and we learn from them, we must surely be in a better position to make good decisions to influence learning and education in whatever way we can. Education Fast Forward’s fundamental premise is about improving communications, and for all in education to better hear the opinions and views of others.”

If we are to move education forward more quickly, then all of us who care should learn from each other and learn to collaborate together. My work’s focus is supporting development of mutual understanding and collaboration.