Agnetta Nyalita

Agnetta Nyalita

Location: Kenya
Area of Educational Interest: Entrepreneurship, learner development, learning for rural communities and identifying the role of technology in influencing education.
Why I’m Involved in Education Fast Forward: Education Fast Forward helps in keeping abreast with and learning about emerging issues in the education sector. It is a great platform where people get to share experiences from the diverse geographical contexts while learning about the linkage of old and new knowledge. And most exciting is the rich networking with experts in the education development sector.

About Me:
Agnetta was born on October 6, 1986 as the 10th born in a family of 10 kids in the rural areas of Eastern province of Kenya known for its issues with food insecurity, hunger and poverty. Agnetta managed to overcome all these challenges especially early marriage, nutrition related illnesses and most of all lack of education.

Agnetta holds a Bachelors of Commerce Degree and graduated in December 2008 from The University of Nairobi’s Business School. Agnetta is the Programs Coordinator of the National Volunteer Network Trust (NAVNET) and a philanthropist in other community initiatives promoting education and empowerment of the Youth.

Agnetta works hard to advance her and others education as well as make the lives of young needy girls and women in the rural and slum areas better. Agnetta is committed to community empowerment for sustainable development.

I have engaged with EFF since 2010* as a student debater and over the years, the forum has helped me grow through learning and sharing valuable information in the education sector. I highly recommend EFF as it is the platform where you get to learn about unique, emerging and exceptional issues relating to education across the world. You get your questions answered and have the opportunity to establish a rich and skills-enhancing network.